Welcome to our annual online yachting magazine for 2023 about luxury crewed yacht charters in Greece & worldwide. It is the perfect resource for yachting & travel enthusiasts and professionals alike. Packed with expert advice, guides, and information on all aspects of yachting life, this magazine is an essential companion for anyone who loves to sail or has a vested interest in the industry. From sailing tips and a comprehensive presentation of all the available yachts, FX Yachting Annual Magazine 2023 is sure to be enjoyed by all. With its easy-to-read format and detailed articles about yachts and yachting amenities & activities, readers will remain informed about the latest trends in the world of yachting. The magazine also includes interviews with some of the most experienced yacht captains &  yacht chefs in our yacht fleet, as well as practical guidance on how to maximize your fun while onboard. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at the yachting lifestyle, FX Yachting Annual Magazine 2023 is sure to be your perfect guide. Here is also a link for our annual yachting magazine for 2022.


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